Data Services

Crafted for Data precision, SEO Lab harnesses Business Intelligence and Data Analysis to create profitable experiences. Our network uses our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm to track and helps you monetise on data. Get macro level insights of markets across regions and industries.

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Data Analytics

We design and build the best data science/analytics infrastructure to match your needs. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can advise on questions like build vs. buy, on-premise vs. cloud. native vs. hybrid, or open source vs. vendor provided.

Our team creates comprehensive digital strategies related to analytics – consulting on data science, advanced analytics and machine learning. Our data scientists use a wide range of technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, Neo4j, and many more in order to implement your application in the best way possible. The goal is to fulfil your requirements with the optimum technology.

Website Analytics

Website analytics harnesses data from your very own website – granting access to more information and tracking performance of your campaigns. You can get basic information on the number of website users, or create complex segmentations and multiple site analytics systems to meet your specific demands. This gives you real insights to drive the decisions that help both your customer and your bottom line.

Market Intelligence

Get macro level insights of markets across regions and industries. Data is analysed and multiple research touch points are initiated to connect thousands of unstructured, external data sources without any manual effort. By applying powerful and advanced analytics to contextualize the data, we surface predictive insights at speed and scale for better decision-making across your go-to-market.

Social Listening

Monitor what people are saying about your brand on social media platforms to make strategic business decisions. See the conversations that matter the most in real time across millions of online sources, in order to gain valuable insights to improve your business interactions.


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